• Mehjabeen Collection

    Oud scented soy wax candles


Eartthry is the amalgamation of Stylish Living. We offer an eclectic mix of handicrafts and home decor ranging from wood, brass and glass products. A resplendent range curated to enhance your space. Eartthry is inspired by the vivaciousness of Jamevaar, the opulence of Versailles and the earthiness of Boscage.



As beautiful as the moon, this collection is resplendent in its beauty and fragrance. Inspired by sandy deserts of Saudi Arabia, Mehjabeen is an ode to the luminosity of the desert moon. The alluring fragrances of intoxicating White Oud, heady Damask Rose, aromatic Saffron, smoky Wood Oud and refreshing Pear Blossom create an exquisite atmosphere.


"Bon Vivant" is the french way of life, literal meaning is one who lives well. It is inspired by the most luxurious experiences. The Bon Vivant Collection is the perfect blend of Chic and Contemporary.  


Inspired by Bali's teaming flea markets, a mélange of customs, traditions, colours, and its boho chic vibe. The Ubud Collection explores the handcrafted range of home decor cushions with ekru fringe trims, macrame throws and natural matka silk.