Eartthry is the amalgamation of Stylish Living. We offer an eclectic mix of handicrafts and home decor ranging from wood, brass and glass products. A resplendent range curated to enhance your space. Eartthry is inspired by the vivaciousness of Jamevaar, the opulence of Versailles and the earthiness of Boscage.



Pastels are always a vibe. This new range is inspired by peppermint and the ocean, with hues of mint, peach and gold. We have stunning cake stands and serving trays which are ideal for a refined setting and offer numerous advantages. They may be rather neutral when needed, being soft, calming, diversified, and versatile but also can also be the star of the show when used correctly.


Traced back to 2nd century A.D., Rattan work in India is characterized by comfort durability and aesthetic appeal. Amalgamating this ancient handmade technique along with art-deco style aesthetics, we bring to you our Palmea Collection. Though natural in its appearance, rattan work lends a modern and offbeat look to the design while the hand tufts bring in colonial vibes.


The Lotus blossom signifies creation and rebirth and is a sign of the sun. This collection is inspired by every aspect of the Lotus, from the bud and stem to the actual flower. Made from aluminium and brass, our lotus centerpieces of coasters and triverts makes a dramatic statement and are perfect for gifting.