KANHA - The Joy of Festivities

A very special collection, deeply rooted in the vast mythos of India. The cultural traditions of India are its very heart and have been preserved in a delicate balance throughout the ages. Eartthry shares the legacy of the most celebrated festival through this collection and the importance of not only sustaining our legacy but also our craft. 

“Kanha" is the name for the beloved Shri Krishna, he is the confluence of magnificent traditions, cultures and festivity is a key inspiration for Eartthry’s festive collection. Inspired by his bold style, and imbibing his divinity, we have taken the symbol of the lotus to create exquisite brass work with Ikat designs, brass urlis with the luxuriously delicate aroma of mogra and tuberose, a melding of design influenced by old traditions and contemporary outlooks. A jewelled colour palette of Pastel Pinks, Mint, Haldi yellow and Kumkum crimson for the season of festivities.